Hardly Heroic was conceived by a group of friends streaming games one day. The idea was that the actions we do that are good or neutral don’t need to make us heroes even if they are great. So while trying our best to survive and keep our group alive every action that resulted in the saving of a teammate but compromising your survival and vice versa was referred to as “hardly heroic.”

In the end, we are a group of friends that play games together and talk about how to live better and play better.

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Trevor Smith

Trevor has been in the gaming industry for over 5 years as a community manager and has been playing games since he was 6 years old. He has background in classic and current games, casual and competitive gaming, and music composition and design.

When he is not gaming, streaming, or working he plays disc golf and tries to find the best and most interesting foods near his home.


  • Age: 31

  • Years gaming: 25

  • Preferred Platform: PC

  • Best at cooking: Pizza