Tales from Essoterra: This aggression will not stand

The characters:

  • Krankle, Gnome Tinkerer - Not so sneaky, kinda shooty

  • Akaru, Wood Elf Ranger - Ranger who, well, ranges

  • Urvosh (me), Dwarven Fighter - Is now on a quest to find his bros

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It’s about drawing a line in the sand

Everyone has their differences. Each race has its own particular quirks and, yes, these can sometimes be irksome. That is all well and good, but here’s the news: hating someone due to their race and actively attempting to cause them harm is not ok. And these guys are holding (or worse) Urvosh’s battle brothers. While the torrent of hatred was flowing from the walls of this slapdash fortress and, admittedly, some pretty jerk words thrown back, a plan was being formed to deal with these racists.

The idea was hatched that the party would sneak back into the field and give these guys some good old fashioned ranged beatdown. Urvosh, a consummate professional ghosts his way back to the field with his chainmail, shield, and heavy weapons. The other two, however… well, let’s just say that they went and got themselves noticed. It was no matter, because it was a fight the team was looking for, so that is exactly what they got themselves into.

Krankle, ever nimble, pulled out her crossbow and put what could conservatively be called a bolt of lightning into the man in robes. He seemed important, and now he is zapped. Akaru puts a pretty decent arrow into him as well, but alas, as usual Urvosh can’t hit a target with anything but quips of snark as his throwing hammer goes sailing by the robed man’s head. The two archers fail to connect with anything but Urvosh’s shield, but the man in robes waved his hands and made some gestures and Arkaru took a shot of pure force. With that the mage dives behind the wall, knowing that he is not going to be long for this world if he stays.

Combat rages on for a short amount of time, with the mage popping up and doing his force magic sometimes hitting and sometimes not while the archers have varying levels of success. Akaru and Urvosh have taken some hits and hurts. Potions are needed and taken while ranged shots are taken at the archers with different amounts of success.

Tired of playing whack-a-goblin with these hateful jerks, Urvosh rallies the team and they all dash into the makeshift courtyard that these ramparts made. These men, so used to being able to dominate their prey are now faced with three angry and armed travelers who have been dealing out the pain harder than they have been taking it. The wizard, being the man of the most talk is now facing down Urvosh, or more precisely, his ram’s head shield. Calling upon the shield’s latent power, Urvosh takes the wounded mage and violently smashes him against the wall with tremendous force rending him to little more than rags and bloody paste. Krankle and Akaru quickly dispatch of the archers who were too afraid to be effective after seeing their strongest compatriot smashed into goo.

The fight was short, but the refreshing. The bodies are investigated and shown to have no distinguishing features either on their clothes, gear, or flesh. Finding this odd, but undeterred, Urvosh took the mage’s spell book and strapped it to his pauldron while smearing blood on it. While not something he would normally do, desecrating the corpses of the deceased, he made a special exception for the people that wanted to kill him and all of his friends based solely on the fact that they are not humans. This won’t truck for him.

Meanwhile, Akaru and Krankle have looted the others and found some gold and gear on them. Being a true team player, Akaru offers to split three ways with the team, but Urvosh turns his share down. These folk are helping him get his friends back, they should be rewarded for such acts accordingly. After the dividing of the loot, Krankle is nominated to be the lead scout into the shrine’s alcove itself. The other two stayed behind guarding the door. Moments later a cry was heard.

Krankle has called for help, and it doesn’t sound good…